Wholesale VPN

Wholesale VPN

MPLS VPN connectivity service

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What is Wholesale VPN?

Wholesale VPN offers a full range of dedicated, symmetric-bandwidth permanent connectivity solutions, including mobile backup.

What types of Wholesale VPNs are available?

Carrier MPLS VPN

It is a solution for operators who want to provide VPN services outside their network that can be integrated into the solutions they offer to end customers. It provides connectivity between the interconnection point implemented with the operator and the locations of the operator's customers.

Carrier MPLS VPN e2e

Solution for operators who want to provide connectivity between two or more customer locations. The services are delivered end-to-end and use the MPLS network belonging to Orange.


Simplified Management: one-stop shop for global communication needs, enabling the customer to save the hassle of dealing with different service providers in various countries

100% national coverage

International coverage: we cover all Western European major destinations, Ukraine, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, through direct Network-to-Network Interconnections (NNI) with carefully selected partners and strong SLAs

Increased flexibility: the service is specially designed to meet a variety of demands, from the simplest to the most complex, allowing the implementation of different network topologies, increasing capacity, adding new locations, new applications or choosing between different levels of management

High Reliability: The service is provided over our redundant and fault tolerant full mesh MPLS network, designed for congestion avoidance and backed by solid SLAs

Security: the MPLS Switching VPNs technology offers the same level of security as connection-oriented VPNs. Packets from one VPN will not inadvertently go to another VPN

Strong SLA guarantees: two levels of quality, standard and premium, created to cover the various customer needs

Transparency: we provide no manipulations of end user CoS, enabling seamless integration with customer intranets

Features and other details

A rich selection of speeds available, with bandwidths ranging from 1Mbps to 10 Gbps

Various VPNs topologies, including full meshed (Any2Any), hybrid configurations or Hub & Spoke

Two service levels (Standard and Premium), tailored for diverse customers' needs

Backup and protection: a mobile backup solution that brings service availability to 99.9%, ensuring automatic connectivity if the main link is interrupted

Hybrid VPNs with fixed and mobile main access lines

Routing protocol static or dynamic (BGP/ RIP v2)

QoS model offers multiple classes of services that allow customers to prioritise traffic based on performance needs

Dynamic bandwidth allocation between classes

Extra options: Internet access distribution, NAT, CPE rental & management

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Frequent questions

The first step to become an Orange Wholesale partner is to contact us. You can either use the contact form or send us an email on wholesale-romania@orange.com.

We offer a wide range of VPN topologies, including full mesh (Any2Any), hybrid configurations, or Hub & Spoke configurations.

We can create a personalised offer, depending on your business needs. All you have to do is contact us.