Internet Broadband

Internet Broadband

High speed internet access via a permanent connection

Innternet broadband

What is the Internet Broadband service?

The Internet Broadband service from Orange is a premium solution for operators who want to provide their customers with high-speed, simple, cost-effective and high-availability internet access. Broadband Internet provides access to the Internet through a permanent and dedicated connection, with a symmetrical bandwidth, in a range between 1 Mbps and 1 Gbps.

Who can benefit from it?

The service is suitable for companies that need symmetric transmission rates, such as transaction flows, VoIP, storage, backup and recovery services, or other critical business applications, such as CRM and ERP stored in the cloud.


High connection speed, up to 1 Gbps

High availability, through the wired or wireless backup option

Premium Internet product, suitable for superior business needs, with traffic prioritised over regular internet traffic

A selection of equipment available for rental, as per customer needs

End-to-end service management performed by specialised personnel

Available as stand-alone product, or bundled with other data and voice products, at competitive prices

24/7 professional help desk services for operators

Features and other details

Internet Broadband qualifies as business class internet service, thus the traffic is being classified and prioritised accordingly

Symmetric speed for upload and download

Rich variety of bandwidth options

Various static or dynamic routing options

IP Addresses from our own pools

Router included by default in the basic configuration

Backup options with wireline or wireless mobile

Two SLA options: Standard (99%) or Premium (99.9%)

The service benefits from the best routes to internet, thanks to the hundreds of private peering interconnections, significant participation in the largest European public peering exchanges and various connections with top Tier 1 suppliers

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This service is suitable for any company that wants to have symmetric transmission rates, such as VoIP, transaction flows, back-up and recovery, or CRM and ERP applications. Contact us for more details.