Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber

Non-illuminated optical fiber,
a profitable solution

Dark fiber

What is Dark Fiber?

The Dark Fiber service offers operators and carriers who want to build their own private physical network, a non-illuminated fiber optic infrastructure, in point-to-point topology. The service can be complemented by an extended backhaul service, giving operators the opportunity to benefit from one end-to-end service.

What does the Dark Fiber service consist of?

The Dark Fiber service provides single-mode fibers, compliant with ITU-T G.652D and G655 standards, suitable for long-distance and high-speed transmissions

The Dark Fiber service benefits from the largest fibers optic network in Romania, with a dense metropolitan network infrastructure, more than 85,000 km in the distribution network and a backbone infrastructure of over 26,000 km with multiple intercity routes

Additional services available:

  • Placement – for repeater stations and transmission systems is provided in a common or individual room (if possible). Permanent access to the installation and operation of the equipment in the colocation chamber is available in accordance with the colocation procedure in force
  • Power supply – Power supply facilities are provided on our premises
  • Extended Loop – The Extended Loop service consists of providing a physical FO connection between our PoPs and the operator's PoPs, upon request

Rental options: Depending on the financial model, one of the following arrangements may be made:

  • A multiple-year lease with a recurring monthly charge (MRC)
  • A prepaid lease for a large number of years, with an advance payment of a leasing amount (IRU)

Benefits of Dark Fiber

The predictable cost structure helps to better control the budget of the project

Improvements in latency, by providing the most direct and efficient end-to-end mode of transport

Unlimited bandwidth: no need to purchase additional bandwidth to assign it to a service or add additional services to the network

Scalability: Dark Fiber has the ability to be split into a multitude of wavelengths by wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), making it possible to easily accommodate the scaling needs of the business

Complete network control: Dark Fiber allows you to build your own physical network and plan your network strategy as desired

Strong service level agreements (SLAs) for service availability and restoration period

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