International Voice

International Voice

Calls termination directly to destination networks

Tranzit International de voce

What is the international voice transit service?

The service provides both international and national licensed operators the ability to terminate calls directly to international destinations via Orange' infrastructure.


High quality voice service for Premium and Wholesale Transit service, ensured through more than 130 direct interconnects (PTT/MTNO/MVNO etc.)

Fast and accessible process of interconnection available through TDM or VoIP (Public or Private IP Interconnection), ensured by highly skilled sales and support teams

Complex traffic management system, automatic detection of quality parameters and early fraud warning mechanisms

Dedicated voice sales team assistance, with global expertise and up-to-date market knowledge

Flexible and scalable voice traffic termination solutions, suitable for all operator categories (Premium Tier1 customers, Tier 2, carriers etc.)

The possibility to directly transit international voice traffic between operators

Main characteristics

Transparent transmission of the Calling Line Identity, roaming and fax to ensure the best call quality termination

Personalised and fast routing table, created for specific customer requirements

Proactive and real time network monitoring (voice quality parameters): ACD, ASR, NER, etc.

Dynamic price offer based on cost effective solutions, customised for each customer

Flexible billing process adapted to different currencies and billing cycles

24/7 professional helpdesk services

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We can provide interconnection services via both public or private VoIP technology and TDM, together with a team of sales and technical professionals.