Resale Roaming

Resale Roaming

Resale services roaming access
to the customers of national retail companies

Revanzare acces roaming

What is resale roaming

The roaming access resale service provides Orange's roaming technical and commercial infrastructure to various national retail companies, so that they can provide international roaming services to their own customers.

Revanzare acces roaming 2

Features and other details

Our roaming agreements cover all EU countries. In addition to access to the resale of EU regulated roaming services, Orange also offers third parties roaming access to non-regulated services on negotiable terms and conditions

Orange offers access to its international roaming services partners, operating 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks

The skills and experience of our roaming team, as well as highly professional internal systems are the key factors that support the rapid deployment of all new services that will be tested and launched commercially with our roaming partners


Fast deployment: our experts and easy processes are just two of the key factors that help launch a partnership quickly

24/7 support for all our customers

Get in touch with a sales representative

Our team is always ready to offer you information about the connectivity solutions and services offered.

Drop us a message on roaming@orange.ro, and we will answer as soon as possible.


Reference offer for access to resale of roaming services

Document here.

Frequent questions

The first step to entering into a partnership with us is to send us an email to roaming@orange.ro.

The resale roaming access partnership offers access to the following services: CS, PS, SMS, USSD and data services through 2G, 2G +, 3G, 4G, 4G + and 5G technologies, but also interoperability for CAMEL services.