SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

Dedicated solution for fixed telephony

SIP Trunking

What is the SIP Trunking service?

The service offers a fixed telephony solution, which allows the transmission of a large number of voice channels through a single IP connection.

It can be offered with both geographic and non-geographic numbering.
The voice platform is connected to other national and international operators, offering availability to and from all operators with whom Orange has concluded an agreement.
The security and protection of confidential data are ensured by the state-of-the-art MPLS network, through specific protocols and mechanisms for encrypting and transmitting information. The solution offers the ability to separate data traffic from voice traffic, bandwidth sharing (optimization of voice resources), as well as scalability and centralised monitoring.


Carrier-grade voice quality for the best customer experience.Carrier-grade voice quality for the best customer experience

Global Voice coverage with over 100 international voice interconnections

Unified Communications: SIP Trunking service is delivered together with an Internet connection, allowing installation of a large suite of IP-based communication apps

Fast ROI, with minimal upfront investments

No costly hardware investment

Characteristics and other details

The service is available for operators that are authorised to provide voice services in Romania

The SIP Trunking service allows users connected to a TDM/IP exchange to initiate and receive telephone calls to and from any telephony network interconnected with the Orange network

Our solution supports a flexible number of simultaneous calls (between 10 and 500)

A DDI numbering range will be transferred to the operator, before the service activation. Other supplementary ranges may be added later on, upon request

The SIP Trunking service is delivered over a premium data connectivity service (managed VPN, broadband Internet, Ethernet connection), allowing voice traffic to be prioritised over other less sensitive traffic categories

Up to 500 simultaneous communications can be transmitted over a single SIP Trunk connection

Customised rate plan for cost optimization, and flexible billing process

24/7 professional help desk services for operators

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