Space Rental

Space Rental

Perfect spaces for placing
your equipment

Inchiriere spatii tehnice

What is the technical space rental service?

The technical space rental service consists of the rental of the available spaces in the buildings owned by Orange, in order for the clients to place their own equipment, which is not intended to be interconnected with the Orange network.
The spaces can be inside the buildings, on the land or on the terrace of the buildings, or on the pillars.

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To request an offer, please contact us at the email address colocari@orange.com specifying details related to the type and characteristics of the equipment to be installed in the space, the area to be rented and the necessary electrical power.

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Frequent questions

The first step to become an Orange Wholesale partner is to contact us. You can either use the contact form or send us an email on colocari@orange.com. Make sure you specify all the essential details related to the equipment you want to install in the technical space, what area you want to rent and what type of electrical power you need.

Sure. We provide spaces for rent both inside the buildings and on the land on which they are located, on their terraces or on pillars. For more details, contact us.