Temporary voice
and data services

Temporary voice
and data services

Short-term voice or data transmission services

Servicii temporare voce date

What are temporary voice and data services?

Temporary circuits provide short-term voice or data transmission services (less than 6 months).

When can these services be used?

Government events during international official visits

Live streaming during various international sport competitions and other live streaming transmissions

Special events such as short-term events, conferences, special meetings

Temporary deployments like infrastructure building: sites, roads, plants, warehouses, etc.


Easily adapt to customers' emergency requests for service implementation on short notice ("express" service)

Full package of national and international services (including a terminal set, upon request)

Short installation time thanks to the high coverage of our access network

Premium service availability

Characteristics and other details

Temporary Voice Services:

  • Telephone Line for Direct Dialling (PSTN/ VoIP) - suitable for audio transmission during events.
  • ISDN-2 (BRA) - ideal for integrated services on a single telephone line.

Temporary Data Services:

  • Direct Internet Access (DIA) - perfect for applications over the Internet. The service has bandwidths available in the range of 1 Mbps up to 1 Gbps and CPE included.
  • Ethernet Lines (E-Line) - the perfect solution for extremely reliable and quality-sensitive applications. The service benefits from available bandwidths from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps and national or international coverage. The service can be supplemented by CPE rental.
  • Digital leased lines - the best choice for the highest security and quality. The service can be supplemented by CPE rental.

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For data services, we provide DIA, E-Line and digital leased line services, and for voice services we have ISDN-2, VoIP and PSTN services. For more details, contact us.