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Orange is what we are and what we do, every day

There are more than 108 million people around the world separated by distance, language and different ways of life. But they all have chosen one thing: to communicate the way they feel, to be open minded and look optimistically towards the future. Whether they live in the France, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Moldavia, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Botswana, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius island, Senegal, Vanuatu and Vietnam, Orange brings them together.

Orange is the brand used by France Telecom to provide mobile communication, Internet and television services. The France Telecom group is one of the world leaders in telecommunication services, with more than 183 million customers on five continents

That's because Orange is known for creativity, boldness and dynamism. Because care for details and consequence define Orange's actions.

Orange means we will change existing patterns and develop continuously in order to offer you quality service, innovation and transparency.

As Orange Romania, every day we will define more clearly what our universe means and what benefits it brings to you.

We invite you to experience Orange and we are confident that we will share the same conviction: the future's bright.

Orange RomaniaOrange Romania has implemented a quality management system certified according to ISO 9001.