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Text Messages

for you

You two may still be in touch: you and the recipient of your message; sometimes it's better that way!
All you have to do is to use the Text Messages service.
Quick and discreet, the service enables you to send or receive text messages of up to 160 characters - including punctuation marks, spaces and other characters, to or from the mobile phone users.

From Romania or from abroad, you may send or receive text messages to or from other networks' users, if the roaming operator partner allows this.

how does it work

You don't need any additional equipment to send a text message. First check the Message Center Number.
Here is what you should do: Get into your phone's Menu in the Messages option; choose Message Settings and then chose Default profile. You will see the Message Center Number +40744946000 on the phone's display. If this number is not displayed, you should enter it. Then press Ok in order to store it.

From now on you may send text messages*!
You only need to follow a few steps:
Enter in the Menu,
select the Messages option, then
select Write Messages.

* If you are a PrePay user, starting from July 22nd 2002, Orange offers you, for the first time, the possibility to send text messages even when you are in roaming.

Enter the text and press Send.
Phone number will be displayed on the screen; enter the message recipient's phone number and press Send Message (OK or Send).

If you want to send a text message to an international network's user, enter the phone number in international format.

When you send a text message, depending on your mobile phone settings, you will receive a transmission report notifying you whether your message has reached the recipient or not.

In order to read a received text message:
Select the Messages option
Read Message or Inbox, then chose the new text message and select it.

After reading it, you can either delete it or save on your SIM card. When you receive a text message, depending on your mobile phone settings, you will be notified that you have received a text message.

Your SIM card can only store a limited number of text messages. Make sure there is enough space on your card to receive new text messages.

how much does it cost?

local text message:
In Orange network, the transmission of a text message is charged with 5 cents EUR .
All text messages received from the users of any other network are free of charge.
Also, all notifications messages are free of charge.

Your text messages represent an additional cost to your subscription and will be listed in your invoice.

roaming text message:
The text messages sent while roaming will be charged based on the tariffs set by the visited operator.

The messages received in roaming are free of charge.

International text message:
If you are in Romania and you send a text message to a foreign mobile telephony user, the tariff is 0.12 EUR / message.

The incoming messages are free of charge.


Text Messages are available for all Orange subscribers and PrePay users.

Note: This service (both receiving and sending text messages) can not be deactivated/reactivated on demand.