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How can i unlock my iPhone for use with other network sim card abroad ?

Terminals acquired from Orange Romania can be unlocked in accordance with ANCOM (National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communicationsrecommendations.

  Unlocking terminals sold through our retail network or our partners network can be made only by sending the phone in service from any Orange shop. To send the phone in service, to be unlocked, you must have the certificate of warranty and the original invoice.   The terminal will be unlocked by the Orange Service Center and then returned to the Orange Shop that made the takeover, where you will recover and you will pay the unlock fee.   Release fees are different:        * 100 EUR (VAT included) - during the initial contract period or from loyalty;      * 30 EUR (VAT included) - after the initial contract period or from loyalty;      * Free - if the phone was purchased at standard price without a contract or a contract subscription loyalty.   I must mention that Orange Romania is authorized to unlock terminals sold only through our retail network or through our partners network and is unable to unlock terminals purchased from other networks abroad.

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