Datacenter Hosting

Datacenter Hosting

State of art infrastructure, with high security, diverse connectivity
and variety of locations across Romania

Colocare in centru de date

What is the data centre hosting service?

Orange offers over 2000 m2 of colocation rooms of superior category, equipped only with reliable infrastructure and services, based on the redundancy of all systems.

Our Data Centres (DCs) comply with the TIA 942 - Tier 3 standard. In addition, through the data centres located in Bucharest, Brașov and Cluj, we offer various options for geographical redundancy and we can meet the highest customer requirements regarding business continuity and of disaster data recovery.
Our hosting services are complemented by professional national and international connectivity solutions, provided through our own network infrastructure, covering over 50 metropolitan areas in Romania and the main European telecommunications nodes.


Integrated solutions, guaranteed by a single provider through a comprehensive SLA

Geographical redundancy in its own DCs located in three of the biggest metropolitan areas in Romania: Bucharest, Cluj and Brasov

Solutions based entirely on our own infrastructure, with the installation, configuration, operation, and centralised management of access equipment

Scalable solution that leaves open the possibility of further expansion at low cost

Special rates, suitable for all business needs

Facilitating the fast and quality connection between the data centre and the client's branches, through our fibre optic network with the highest coverage and densest capillarity in Romania

Features and other details

  • More than 2000 m2 of colocation rooms, distributed in three top business centres in Romania: Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj

State-of-art facilities:

  • Secured power supply with parallel UPSs and electric generators, with zero electricity interruption risk
  • Power supply of the buildings through 2 transformer station from two different sources from the public electricity network
  • A high-performance, air-conditioned floor ventilation system, in N + 1 redundant configuration, and separated into 2 independent groups, ensures climate control in the datacenter rooms, providing constant temperature and humidity
  • The DCs are equipped with the most advanced automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems. They are insulated and extinguished quickly without affecting the surrounding areas
  • Seismic protection: the pipes, wire distributors and other electrical and mechanical equipment are connected and have an anti-seismic anchor
  • The data centres benefit from multiple cable entrances into datacenter buildings and high speed pipes connected directly to our network backbone, allowing us to deliver premium data services, with bandwidths up to 100 Gbps
  • ISO 27001 Security Standard certified
  • Highly qualified onsite support: our operations centre is staffed with highly experienced and certified engineers specialising in security, network monitoring, and disaster recovery
  • 24/7 support to respond promptly to unexpected events

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The data centres are connected directly to Orange network and can deliver data services with bandwidths up to 100 Gbps.